category listing and 5 web pages £60; Add Video £160

Our charges cover the cost of helping to promote your business that will generate sales leads and enquiries. You can measure the results.

You can start with a small budget, then spend more (if you wish) as you see the service working.

Take the Test for 12 months. Buy Now.

What services are on offer?
Promote your business on, assisted with a promotional video about your business to engage with your potential customers.

A 5 web pages within the domain. (

A customer feedback questionnaire that sends feedback direct to you.

Video production includes on-site filming, travel to venue, video editing, script writing, voiceover recording, video upload and distribution.

Search engine optimisation for search terms that your business is not getting listed for.

"Calls to Action" (CTA) for people considering your products and services.

Sales leads and enquiries for your products and services.

What are the benefits? is listed on the 1st page of Google for many thousands of search terms, and your business can take advantage of this.

Your business will be listed under customised search terms directly relevant to your business that are guaranteed to generate website traffic and sales leads.

A customised video will highlight the benefits of using your business to your potential customers or guests.

The completed video(s) can play on any website where your business is listed, including your own website.

Fully itemised Google Analytics statistics to independently verify the number of visitors who have viewed the information about your business on the website.

What does it cost to have a video produced?
Video production including travel, on-site filming, video editing, script writing, voiceover recording and video upload is from £100 for a 90 second video.

What if I already have a video?
Great. We can still help you generate sales leads, customer enquiries and ultimately generate sales of your products and services. We are happy to do this even with videos made by other companies. The primary objective is to help promote your business in the most sustainable way possible.

Can I use the video elsewhere?
Once a video is produced, it can be played on any online form of media that our customers are advertising on, including their own website. It will also be played on and to actively engage with local people and visitors about the products and services your business has to offer.

We also play videos on our websites made by other video production companies. If you offer a video production service and need more work, please get in touch.

What do I get for free?
Any business that uses Twitter can get a free plug on the home page by including the #Stirling hashtag in their tweets. Any business can do this at any time and no one is charged for this fully managed feature.

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Tony I'Anson is the managing director and founder of both the above companies.