Sign up to an Email address for £3 a month.

Plus - UNLIMITED Backup of your PC or Apple MAC using our Cloud data back up service.

Your Email account includes:

A Email address.

A 2 GigaByte Mailbox.

Access to Microsoft Outlook Web App

Access your email from any PC.

Control Panel Login to your Email (see below).

Email access via your mobile devices

Help to promote Stirling to the world - every time you send an email.

The website was first launched in 1994 and there are a number of people and businesses in Stirling who currently have a Email address. Some of our customers have had their email for 19 years.

The common feedback we get from email users is that their contacts from all over the world comment about their Email address. "How on earth did you manage to get that ?" they get asked.

Offer to all Stirling residents.

There are still a number of "firstnames" waiting to be snapped up. This is a service our existing customers do not give up once they have got their name registered. Email addresses are allocated on a strictly first come, first served basis.

Offer to all Stirling Council employees.

The service is also extended to all employees of Stirling Council, who currently have an email address for work. How about having the same prefix on your email to use as your personal email? It seems logical and keeps all your work emails completely separate from your personal ones.

Offer to all Stirling Business owners.

The service is also extended to all Stirling business owners, who will already have their email address for work. How about having your business name prefixed on the email to highlight the fact you are based in Stirling? It would be very easy for local people to remember if they wanted to email your business. It can also be automatically forwarded to any of your existing business email addresses.

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